Announcement: The 2021 Foundation for Self-Discovery is starting this month!

In emergency management, the first few minutes of a situation can determine how the rest of the event will unfold. You can apply that same philosophy to the start of any new year.

We tend to look at opening a new calendar as a symbol for taking a fresh start or a reset to get back on track to what might have been missing or not accomplished in the previous year. In some ways, you need to ask yourself, what will be different this year?

One of my commitments to myself that I have kept up for the last 40 years is learning something new every year. It didn’t matter what it would be as long as it was a subject that caught my interest. That path of discovery took me to many places and many insights.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Matatma gandhi

What is the commitment you will make for yourself this year?

The Foundation for Self-Discovery precisely is as it sounds.

It acts as a foundation for a life-long journey of learning and discovery. It’s the boat that takes you across the river, and from there, it leaves you to pursue your next step.

The Foundation for Self-Discovery is 40 years in the making. It is an accumulation of insights that I have received from teachers and mentors over that time. It is an expression of who I am, and I hope that it would be at least a glimpse into who you are, your grace, power, passion, and vision.

Let me share just a little about the program.

  • It is not group coaching. There will be an offer of a free coaching session post-workshop that you can take advantage of for a more in-depth understanding.
  • There is no sharing of past or current personal issues. Just sharing what is fresh and new as you progress through.
  • There are no techniques nor skill to learn, just a simple understanding of how we all work, think, and act.
  • It will help you focus on what is essential and your next steps.
  • There is homework assigned to help you better understand what the current state is and what you might want.
  • Based on the feedback received from previous workshops, someone always takes something of benefit and value from the workshop away. What that is and how it is applied is an individual process.
  • It will enable you to explore your true nature, your innate well-being, and resilience.

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Being willing is not enough. We must do. 

Leonardo da Vinci

Please join me for three weeks, starting this January 23rd, for three sessions of 90-minutes each.

If you have an open mind to question everything and are looking for a deeper understanding of what is, then this workshop is for you.

Seats are limited, so grab a spot early to ensure your seat.

Share this and invite a friend to join you. Always fun to compare notes!

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