5 Key Steps for Successful Change in 2021

Key Step 1

Invest in yourself.

When you do you are investing in your future. Start putting yourself first because without you nothing else matters and YOU MATTER.

Key Step 2

Unplug and get grounded.

What I mean by this is that you should daily find yourself unplugged from any distractions (social media, cell phone, TV, computer) and any thoughts generated from past or future thinking.
Personally, I love to walk in nature. When you find yourself drifting into past or future thinking, take a deep breath, slowly release and remind yourself where you are in the present moment.
It is only when you are present that your innate wisdom can be heard and fresh creativity happens.
I have never been a big time meditator and if you find it helpful, super cool. There are a number of free apps and programs out there to get you started.

Key Step 3

Define your future.

In a recent post I wrote about writing your Christmas Letter for 2021. (You can read it here.) In that letter you wrote the things that that would make your life more enjoyable and wrote them as if they occurred. Key to that exercise is asking yourself, “What do I really want?”

You can have anything you want in life, you just have to really want it.

Elsie Spittle

The question of what I want is hard from some. While coaching, my clients can easly tell me what they don’t want but have a hard time saying what they really want. When you have decided, ask yourself what emotions will you have when you have it, and what will be the “able to’s” when you do have it.

For example: “I want to eat healthy” or “I want to loose weight” which are tops on many peoples new year resolutioin lists. Notice I have not put any goal down. On a piece of paper list all the emotions that would be tied to your want.

“I will feel (blank)…

Then list the “able to’s.” When I eat healthy I will be able to (blank). Keep listing all these able to’s until you can’t think of anything more.

Key Step 4

Reherse the role.

What are the attributes of someone who lives a healthy life style (referring to the precious wants stated)? List them down and take on that mindset. Yes it sounds a little like fake it, till you make it but as Shakespeare wrote, “We are just poor players who strut and fret our life upon the stage.”

So if you are acting anyway, might as well take on the role of the person you really want to be and act accordingly.

I personally did this when I went from 3 packs of cigarettes a day, to nothing the next day. I acted like a non-smoker.

Key Step 5

Drop the thought.

We all experience life from our feelings brought on by our thoughts. Change is an inside job. It is vital to all successful change, more so than the other four steps listed that you pick or choose the thoughts that you will entertain.

When you reflect on previous attempts to change, much of your personality (ego) got in the way in the form of emotions, beliefs, and behaviours. Decide today which ones you are willing to release, that no longer serve their purpose or are outdated for you to move forward.

We all need help from time to time.

If you would like a better understanding to what is being said in the post or seek clarification on your “wants”, please contact me for a little free coaching. You can schedule a time by the link below.

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