Catching Up and My First Public Interview!

Einstein was certainly onto something with his Special Theory of Relativity and that he determined that time is relative based on the frame of reference.

Inspirit of COVID19 this past year has been certainly full of new and wonderful experiences and I can’t believe that the spring of 2021 is tomorrow!

I will be brief.

My third workshop offer took place January. It was modified per the feedback and shortened by a couple of hours. Feedback was good and it was interesting to hear some of the experiences regarding the information and the length of the workshop. Based on that, more thought and changes will happen before the next offer. The dates I am not clear on yet.

Which brings me to the next bit of news.

In late January I started a course put on my Michael Neill, called “Creating the Impossible”. In that course we were encouraged to create something that didn’t exists before and that at the moment looked impossible to do. Not only impossible to do, to do it in 90 days!

Over the next 90 days, Michael would walk us through the process and coach us in Creating the Impossible.

Without giving away anything, this series of cartoons might give you a clue what might be required in creating the impossible.

YES, it does take a new perspective, fresh thinking and new insights.
That’s the key, we don’t have to! And the other neat thing is we don’t have to figure it all out to get started!

Next news is I have started a just for those on my mailing list bi-weekly short posts called, Souls to Souls: Something Personal, Something Deep, Something Meaningful.

These are inspired in the moment, quick posts to share as they happen.

If you are not on the list – CLICK HERE TO GET ON IT!

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The last thing I will share is that I have been interviewed twice about my coaching and the Unbroken Hero Project.

One was a podcast for Serenity Now, with Amanda Little which will be out in April. That was my first experience with participating in a podcast. Amanda was so easy to talk to. She has this little bubbly energy about her that made the whole experience fun. You can learn more about Amanda and how she is serving the planet by following the links provided.

Missing in Action – (global) was the second interview done with Paul McCarty in the UK. Paul is working on his book, Missing in Action, a nonprofit book of hope and part of the project was to create these YouTube conversations with people who help the Military and Emergency Responder Groups achieve peace of mind. I was the honoured to be the first of those series of conversations!

For your viewing and listening pleasure (lol) MIA Conversations with Rick Ruppenthal

Something caught my eye! lol

Sadly, today I got word that we lost another Veteran/Fire Fighter down in Arizona who was diagnosed with PTSD. I am so sorry that he could not find peace of mind here on earth and took his life to find that peace.

ANY MENTAL DIAGNOSES is not a death sentence. It does not define you. It only describes you and suffering is optional.

If that is you – reach out. If not to me, reach out, speak up and get the help, and guidance you need.

We all have innate wellbeing with in each of us. It is our default when we take away everything else that removes us from that experience.

Want to learn and discover this for yourself – connect with me today.

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