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Most who want a coach are looking at improving some aspect of their life. A better relationship, getting along better with others, finding a new career, getting better at “fill in the blank.” They are saying to themselves, “If I do this or if I have that, I can then be ‘something.'”

That world doesn’t exist. If it did, more people would be doing better. In my experience with clients and making lasting changes that truly transform lives and businesses, you must go further upstream. You have to get to the source!

Transformative or transformational change does not mean doing the same things you have already done differently or getting better at a particular skill set. It’s not about looking for a new perspective; it’s about letting go of the existing one.

Each coaching session is unique to you. There are no agendas or techniques to learn. The direction is all you, not where I think or someone else thinks you need to go. You are my client; you are the navigator and explorer. I love exploring the void between what you think you should do and what you could do.

You tell me how you see things. I listen. Together we look for something fresh and new.

Two things

Individuals see two fundamental discoveries for themselves that make lasting change possible.

  1. They discover how experiences are created, and
  2. They discover who they really are.

What are the Benefits?

By far, the biggest benefit is lasting, sustainable change. The process prioritizes a proper understanding of how we work. Where are experiences come from, and the gaining of awareness of the impact your perception and understanding of you has on your world. Fears and insecurity diminish, and you become the person you were meant to be. Peace of mind is now achievable.

When you leave my coaching session, I want you to know that you are already good enough. You are not broken, and no matter what you are going through now, you are more than capable of handling it because you are resilient.

Who do I coach?

Do you have an awareness of the need for change? Are you finding yourself in thought storms of sadness, frustrations, depression, anger, self-pity, determination, sensitivity, and maybe defiance, and feeling stuck?

Do you have the desire to participate in a partnership for change? Do you want to make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of others?

Are you willing to explore and experience who you really are and the power within you? Are you willing to experience what it is like to get out of your way?

If you are serious about moving forward and will match my commitment, let’s start a conversation now!

I would love to hear your ideas, vision, mission, or where you are stuck and are looking for support.

My coaching is more than just breaking through your barriers; it’s also a “break with” those aspects that have not served you well today and won’t in the future.

Coaching Conversations can be focused on the following:

  • Achieving a goal of creating something that seems impossible
  • Living with less stress, insecurity, and anxiety
  • Enhancing work productivity and creativity
  • Live life balanced
  • Facing change and challenges with resilience and clarity

With kind regards,

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What My Clients Think

“Rick, thank you for all your help this past year. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have without your help.”

Loved the exercise for it’s thought ‘provokingness’ – made me think about my thought process. Thank you!      M. H.

Thank you so much! Yesterday you not only boosted my confidence , you helped me get clarity about the way forward for me. Amazing interaction. God Bless you coach ~ S.P.

What a blessing in my life. I learned a great deal from you, especially your calm demeanor. I am grateful that I could call on you in times of confusion and needing assistance. You are a shining example to me! DM, Director

If your interested in working together, please book a time or email me.

There is only one action to take at any moment of time and that is the one towards your future.

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