A Tribute to my Mom, I did not want to do…The Dash that needs to be filled.

This past weekend was bitter sweet.

It was Mother’s Day and with the recent passing of my Mother in February of this year, it would be the first time she would not be with us during this significant time.

It was also the time we as a family choose to be together and celebrate her life. Mom loved large family gatherings and I think that it validated all that she did in raising us, to sit back and enjoy the laughter and stories any time we all got together.

Due to her illness, I knew that someday I would be putting my tribute to her together and because I don’t do ordinary I really wanted to express not only myself, but that of Mom’s family and especially Dad. Together they had spent 68 years in love; 64 in marriage.

This video reflects just as much Dad as it does Mom as they did everything together. Raised a family together, dreamed the future together, built homes together, started businesses together, lived, loved and built a legacy together.

Although there were many tears, there was just as much laughter at Mom’s celebration and the beginning of a new chapter with the announcement from my youngest daughter that she was expecting. Could not ask for a better topping to this day.

Going through all the photos and 8mm home movies that my parents collected had me reflecting how time flies and that each moment is so precious. How we do take time for granted, especially when we were young, thinking life could go on forever and heck if we screw up, there was always time to fix things.

Sadly there is no more time.

And Mom, I know there will be days were I wish you were here for that advice and hug. I want you to rest in peace knowing that you were loved – you were a great Mom – and you will be missed.

For those that might be interested, here is the link to my Mom’s Tribute video. The video includes my reading of The Dash, a poem shared with me years ago by Mom, along with voice recordings I made over the last year, photos and video clips from the past.

Here is also a copy of The Dash. Those that have not read it before, I hope it moves you like it has done for me over the years and if you have read it before – well what a wonderful reminder to “act accordingly.”

Here’s to life and all that it offers!


The Dash Card

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