Yes #cancersucks and thank goodness I get to hit the reset button!

Last Tuesday I had an open radical prostatectomy and today was able to get the pathology results. The Doctor is very happy with the results and has ensured me that we are probably cancer free. Although there is never a true money back guarantee and aside from the possible side effects, life should return back to normal again soon.

I say this knowing full well, others are receiving not so good news each and everyday. I take my news as a gift with great responsibility.Recently there was a post on Facebook that a friend had posted, asking the question “would you reset your life?”


I used to joke with the kids when they asked, “If you could do it all over again, would you do anything different?” My usual response was that I would like to try it with different kids. (kidding of course)

Since being diagnosed and now undergone treatment for prostate cancer, I have reflected a lot on ‘stuff’. Life stuff which includes anything from relationships (past and present), choices, careers, family, friends, the way I interact, react, the way I hold judgments of myself and others to also include how I value material items (that appear to be collecting at an alarming rate in my workshop, to which my wife casually refers to junk!). All very heavy and deeeeeeep subjects.

It would all be too easy for me to look at life’s circumstances from a negative lens and click on the YES button to start over again, assuming that we are actually talking about going back to start, do not go past GO, do not collect $200; the beginning. I have played that game before. The ‘if I had only done that, or what would have happened if I’ (fill in the blank) mind game.

Every decision, every choice has brought me to ‘here’. To the square called “what is.”

“Happiness is a function of accepting what is. Love is a function of communication. Health is a function of participation.  Self expression is a function of responsibility.” Werner Erhard

 The past will never change. Accepting it doesn’t mean you liked or enjoyed it. There was probably some hurt and pain associated with it. Acceptance is also not about doing nothing and just sitting back stating, “well that’s the way it is!” Acceptance is an action verb, that whether life is good, bad, right or indifferent we – I have a role to play.

“Life is intention in process” Mathew 21, verse 22

The reset button that is in front of me is not set to make me go back to start but to move the starting square back under me. Life is a cycle, that has a beginning, middle and end. Accepting things as they are,today allows me to end this current cycle and begin a new one. Taking the best of, dreaming of what could be, planning how it should be and finally through commitment and  integrity making it so is the cycle for meaningful change.

I have hit this reset button many times and started many cycles. I will continue to reset, maybe more than once in a day or it might be months in between. I assure you it will be hit again and again, because I can. Each time I observe myself playing an old script, one that doesn’t serve me well, I will hit that button. Key word – observe.





My thought is that when I wake up, this should be the first choice of the day.

Thanks for allowing me to share and if you have thoughts about this, please share too.


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