It’s four in the morning…#cancersucks

I am up early.

I have a headache, slightly lightheaded and hungry and it’s four in the morning.

Did you know there is a website devoted to “four in the morning“?

Today is the day I get the radical prostatectomy done.

After the consultation, research and many conversations of others that are ‘thrivers’, it was the best possible choice and we booked the date slightly over 2 months ago.

There was no turning back. Ok, maybe I could change my mind and I didn’t. I was at peace with the choice and regardless of the risk and possible after effects, the alternative was far worse.

I want to thank all those that shared your stories and reached out. There was great comfort and help in that and also in knowing that no one has to go alone on this.

So off we went on a two month adventure across Canada, which after today I should have some down time to get writing and sharing this epic journey my wife and I made with another couple. Those posts will probably be on my other blog that is more devoted to my ramblings on photography and travel.

Returning, I had three more appointments, all for preparing for today. Final physical and blood work. Nothing like three months ago. Each explained what would be happening and how today would be unfolding. That I would arrive, check in early as I would be the first being the longest procedure. Better to get those done early while we are fresh. No kidding!

A spinal and a local and I will be out for five hours. Close your eyes and “good afternoon”! Short over night stay it make sure the systems are working. Then the healing for a few weeks and then we get back to whatever  plans I might have had.

I have no doubt and a whole lot of trust that that is the way it will be.

The sun is rising now. Slight overcast. Time to pack and give someone a big hug.

I’m at peace knowing there is not much more to do…

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