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People often refer to life by that dash between the date we are born and the date we die. What that dash or a series of dashes represents is their life. Or is it?

My mother before she died told me she hated hearing at funerals, “At least they had a good life.” She argued, “What gave them the right to say that?”

Who gets to say that? How do you measure a “good life.” How do you even define what a good life is?

Those are the type of questions I love to explore with clients.

What is it that you really want?

What Really Keeps You From Living that Life You Want?

  • Do you find yourself feeling stuck or unable to take any action?
  • Do you find yourself listening to others about what you should do, instead of following what you intuitively feel is right?
  • Do you find yourself coming home from work exhausted, drained with no real time to take care of you?
  • Do you find yourself living from pay cheque to pay cheque or wondering how you will ever get out of debt?
  • Do you find your relationships falling apart, where there is no quality time anymore?

I know what it is like to be stuck in a crazy eight pattern of sadness and frustration; depression and anger; self-pity and determination; sensitivity and defiance.

I stopped that cycle and YOU can too!

Here is a bit of good news. Your not alone. I have been there. I know the feeling of trying so hard to keep up, never getting ahead, always falling short.


Here is the really good news! I am here to help you find that true wisdom and to maximize your potential. To break that glass ceiling of limitations and explore the infinite possibilities.

We do this together by having insightful conversations about what is and what is not. What is the truth for you. After all, you are the expert in you.

Once your awareness levels increase and a deeper understanding is experienced, there is no turning back, nothing more to do but to live with clarity, renewed resilience and less stress.

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.

Sydney Banks

Take action – choose to act – take charge of your future.

This is a no pressure call. It is about discovering if coaching is for you. It is a coaching conversation and that is my promise. You’ll walk away with value and feeling valued, no matter what you decide about working with me.

May you continue to grow, learn and be kind.

With much love,