Central to all human life is to feel you mattered; to have made a difference.

At the very core of our human life is the desire to matter.

Many struggle with their search of proof, that their life matters and rarely do find it. That maybe, some how it could be tied to what one does for a living that makes people stand up and say – “yup, that one mattered”.

Wake up call…

It’s not about getting the right job or the right amount of education or the right position or anything else you want to add to the thousand and one judgement’s that you make for your life not to matter.

I recently lost two friends that were part of my life, one as recently as yesterday. Both deaths were very sudden and a shock to those around them, including myself. (Please see the news article here.)

With each memory of the encounters I have had with each of them, I remember most importantly the focus that each had on the context  that they lived their lives by.

My friend that passed away a few weeks back was a ditch cleaner. He started a company 20 plus years ago cleaning the sides of the highways and built a living and supported his family by doing so. There were no announcements in the media and if you were to compare each other, one might want to say that his life’s work was maybe less important than the other.

Both men will never know if their life ever mattered. There is no self-reflection after death.  I believe as much as it may be a central desire, each if asked whether they are making a difference when they were alive, would say, I’m just doing my job…I’m doing what’s right.

They lived their life on purpose. They held true to their mission internally and their attitude was in service.

It was not about making a difference in their life, but in the lives of others. Their life was about contribution.

Contribution is not the activities that you do, it is in the spirit to which you do them in! It is a choice that you have responsibility for and until you do take that responsibility on, you will never be happy with what you are doing.

My two friends are proof…it’s not what you “do” (constructive) , it’s what you do with it and the attitude that you do it in.

Your life matters, right here, right now!

Now go live it!


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