Mindset to Thrive Summit is on this week! (FREE PASS)

Click on image to go to Summit site to register and get your FREE Pass.

The highly valuable free summit I told you about last week starts TODAY and runs every day this week through Friday the 7th.

Each day you can watch six recorded video interviews from our group of 30 influential speakers (check whose who through the link), who reveal how they made the shift from limited assumptions to a thriving mindset – the critical set of winning thinking and habits that took them to their success, and which continue to push them onward to bigger things.

My video interview will be available on May 6th about Settling the Mind in Chaos. Each video is available only for 24 hours, so schedule your favorites now!

Remember that if you’re too busy to see them all, you can also get any time access + the audio version + the transcript + a free download from each speaker (ebook, free consulting, etc.) by grabbing the Premium All-Access Pass.  (Note: be sure to catch the first offer you see, which saves you $50 if you get it right then.)

Also, schedule a time to watch the online streaming panel each day, where you can discover which speakers you want to check out.  You can also submit questions ahead of time or live for the speakers.  My panel is on May 6th at 10:00 AM PDT.

PS – You will get one chance to save $50 on the Premium All-Access Pass, so grab it when you see it.  It keeps all the videos (and the other significant bonuses) when you have the time to get the most from these powerful presentations.

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