Rummaging Through Your Attic

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

I listened to a conversation with a fellow practitioner, Dicken Bettinger, and a guest when they started to talk about rummaging in attics and using it as a metaphor for what we sometimes do (okay for me a lot) with our minds.

Think about how we use attics. At least for me, it stores items that I don’t use anymore, but I still hold value to them. There are items of memories and things that maybe someday I will do something with them. There are also those seasonal items that come out at certain times of the year and then bundled up and sent back to wait for the next time.

Similarly, the mind can be used in that same way. We all have memories and information that we have learned over the years stored up in the recesses and sometimes dark places of our minds. Hidden from view but still essential for us to keep.

We use memories as information that we bring up from time to time that seems appropriate and practical but, for some reason, keep missing the mark with our satisfaction meter. Again, put back rather than discarded as if the next time it might be better.

Then there is our living room. A place where we live. Funny how we have named it that – living room.

To leave the attic, you have to drop down from there in entering the living room.

What I have noticed in the living room is that there is nothing from the attic there. Think of how much of your time in the space of living is rummaging in the attic.

It is fun to rummage through old boxes; however, I have found nothing fresh and new up there either.

Do you find your attic useful?

Love to hear from you and your thoughts.

Until next time, keep exploring!

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