Are you brand loyal or is price everything or is there a happy in-between?

At this time of year businesses are scrabbling to get as much of the market share as possible. For many it is the make or break time of the year.

In the face of global economies and competition spreading just as far, local businesses are having a tougher time staying relevant and competitive.

This thought train is coming from a recently read article from the New York Times – “The Hidden Player Spurring a Wave of Cheap Consumer Devices – Amazon” where at one time so called knock-offs were being offered are suddenly being top sellers as consumers discover that cheap does not mean low quality any more.

I remember in the old Sears catalogs where they had Good – Better – Best options. I usually went for the middle of the road, thinking that I couldn’t afford the best option and I didn’t want the good option to break after a few uses, so the only right option was the better one.

I do shop on line and price is important. But I’m learning that brand doesn’t mean quality all the time either. Thank goodness for consumer reviews!

I recently purchased a GoPro like camera. I had a need for one but didn’t have the budget for the Brand name camera. There were a few options and price ranges. Even though there were cheaper cameras that said the same thing and even offered more accessories, I went for the middle priced product with the good reviews.

Call it a bias or brainwashing from Sears; I was still attracted to that middle of road.

The camera was great, did exactly what I wanted and had the quality of video I was looking for too.

As I look for more electronic items, I’m finding more and more cheaper items that look a lot like the bigger priced brand name ones. One could argue that they use cheaper insides, but even then reviewers are finding that not necessarily true either.

It’s always been “buyer beware” but today it’s not “you get what you pay for” anymore either.

Are you brand loyal?

RICK RUPPENTHAL is a professional Personal and Leadership Transformational Coach and a Certified Change Practitioner. As a retired paramedic of 30 years, Rick has held positions in leadership, education, as a coach and a mentor. Through those experiences, understanding, and adaptability, Rick has dedicated his life to a continual journey of self-discovery, adventure, and guiding others on their own journey of being their best self.

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