Quickest way to free your mind now

There were many wonderful adventures that I experienced over the past couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to participate in several conferences and network with many exceptional people who where involved in some very interesting ventures.

Like any conference that I at least attend, they seem to morph into more than just the theme of the conference. As I listen to keynotes and presenters, I become very conscious about the ideas that suddenly start to float through my 3 pound miracle.

Ideas that sometime relate to the topic being presented but more often than not, those thoughts become more related to several problems that I have been muddling over.

Problems that were stuck waiting for solutions.

Obviously it doesn’t take a conference to solve problems, but a diversion of thought does. I find if I am so plugged into the problem, I can’t see any reasonable solutions. It is at that moment that I realize that I need to disconnect.

There is a simple solution that can have the same effect without spending hundreds of dollars. Clean your car or something that would take your full attention. Through that very process, it will clear your mind so that new thoughts will be able to fill the void.

Try it if your stuck…if it doesn’t work, at least you will have a clean car!

For those that wander in here from curiousness, what methods do you use to clear your mind to solve problems?


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