Got an Idea or a Dream? Ask yourself these 10 questions first.

We all get inspired at times.

In fact if you are anything like me, inspired ideas hit me usually at the most inconvenient moments. Either I’m driving or walking and can’t get to a piece of paper to write the idea down to remember it when I get home.

For whatever reason, many of those ideas didn’t get acted upon and thrown aside in the pile of excuses filling the bucket of lost dreams.

However, one or two do manage to keep in the front focus and that is when I run it through this short little test by reviewing the idea against 10 questions.


Here are the 10 questions to ask yourself and if you answer YES to any one of them…then grab that idea or dream and start running with it!

1) Does it fill a real need?

2) Nobody else is doing anything about it?

3) Can you do it better?

4) Will it break new ground?

5) Will it improve society?

6) Will it add beauty to God’s creation?

7) Will it challenge an impossibility?

8) Will it give an opportunity for a miracle to happen?

9) Will it give you pride of accomplishment?

10) Will it inspire somebody else to dream, to be, to do…?

One last thing – if you have a mindset that all the good ideas are used up already or there is nothing new that can happen – sit back and just watch what goes on around you. Those are the ideas that passed you by.

I know I have many times thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Or even worse, “I had that idea!”

Once you got your yes from asking the above questions, then the rest is really up to you. Having a problem believing that, then click through my website or go straight here and contact me today.

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