Your Simple Personal Effectiveness Checklist to start every year with.

The new year always brings that opportunity to say, “OK, it’s a new year. That last year was OK, but I could do better. As a matter of fact, I am going to take responsibility for the results I achieve and choose to be more effective. Everything I do, will lead me closer to my goals!”

Did we say that this year?

To get you started, I have put this little list to allow the context of your life working and you getting those things done. There is probably nothing really new here and have been part of other lists – and it is good to revisit it occasionally.

1) Clean your house completely.
We take the opportunity of the new year to start fresh. The extra time we spend getting the house back in order at the start of the year, just sets the pace and tone for the rest of the year.

2) Clean your work space.
I usually have a break from work during the Christmas Season and my first day back is after Jan 1st. But when I am back, we start what we started at home and continue it in the workspace.

3) Clean your car and keep it clean.
I spend 3 hours a day commuting to work each day, so it has become a work and educational space for me. I will take calls (hands free), have teleconferences and listen to audio books or lectures, so having a clean and pleasing environment is important. I was told long ago, if you want to learn a lot about someone, have a look inside his car.

4) Throw out or give away what you don’t use.
Sometimes easier said than done for me. I have to admit that I hold sentimental value on too many items and there are days I will be sitting on “Someday Isle” or holding on to too many “round to its”. Work in progress…

5) Fix it, throw out or give away what doesn’t work.
And that includes not only items that really don’t work (broken) also those that really don’t work for you – if you get my drift.

6) Return it if you borrowed it or resolve it.
It’s one of those nagging things. You know it’s there and you should – so why let it occupy your thoughts and this leads to item 7

7) Get back loaned items or resolve it.
Nothing worse than going for an item to find it missing because last month you lent it out and didn’t get it back. What a time waster this one can be.

8) Keep on top of your finances and your credit.
When you are conscious of your spending habits it is amazing how much less you spend – much like when you calorie count. Want to change something, measure, monitor and report. Don’t forget to pay yourself first! One of your goals should be to get out of debt. Nothing more deflating to see those hard-earned dollars going to pay debts for items that you no longer own or use. Best book I have read is The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton. It’s one of the many that I give away to clients to get them on the right track with their finances.

9) Get your personal records in order.
Frees the mind knowing things will be taken care.

10) Give to a charity.
You have earned an income, no matter how small – giving back is really saying thank you for what I have received and allow me to share some of this good fortune with you. Understand the Law of Reciprocation. Robert H Wheeler explains it in-depth here and how not only in finance, how this Law applies to other aspects of our life.

11) Take care of your health.
One journey – one body…this could be a long ride, so we have to look after it.

12) Clean up that wardrobe
If you haven’t worn it for over a year, do you really feel you will? During that dark phase, do really need all those black shirts? Does your costume express who you really are? I was lucky as a paramedic for 27 years I didn’t have too many choices for my daily wardrobe! Try the 33 for 3 challenge.

13) Repair or get in touch again with relatives and old friends.
We get so busy that forget about those relationships that meant so much. Even just sending them an email or letter can be empowering.

14) Work your wellbeing plan,
I learned early in my career that you need at least 2 weeks off in a row at least once a year. My staff are encouraged to plan their year by first blocking their holidays and then planning their work round them. Take your lunch break and work on you!

Well that’s the list – I hope it provided you with some food for thought and maybe to take some steps toward being personally effective.


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