A great coach shows up empty to a powerful conversation, listens without judgment, and guides people to discover their insights.  Rick Ruppenthal is that great coach.  I have the extreme pleasure of being coached by Rick.  In our coaching conversations, I experience insight after insight. To help me deeply understand how coaching works in my life, he expertly uses props and metaphors, i.e., snow globes, a piece of plexiglass, drawing ladders to show how stories are created by our thoughts, telling stories about Monks, riverbanks, fishing, traffic light, etc.  All these actions demonstrate his patience with me to go deep within myself.  I am at the stage now where I think before I act instead of acting and regretting.  Writing these words will not do justice to describing Rich as a coach; experiencing his coaching will.  I recommend, no, I highly recommend Rick as your personal coach; however, you won’t know the true value he could bring to your life until you meet with him one on one.

Ken A