“When your hot, your hot and when your not, your not!”

This information may or may not be of benefit or appropriate. Each couple and situation is unique and during your coaching session, therefore each strategy also needs to be unique.

“Love is the fundamental relatedness in the universe, which is just the way it is. The barrier to the experience of love is in your mind.”

10 Disciplines of Love

1. The discipline of putting your lover first; it’s not about you

2. The discipline of loving no matter what; the power of love, adoration, and praise

3. The discipline of being yourself; emanate and express your natural essence and true core

4. The discipline of positive intent; eliminate threats and judgment and remember the power of language

5. The discipline of freedom; the power of forgiving, forgetting and flooding

6. The discipline of daily intimacy; full engagement – open your heart and hold nothing back

7. The discipline of polarity; the power of dancing energies

8. The discipline of loving truth; the power of vulnerability

9. The discipline of utilization; the power of higher meaning and constant growth

10. The disciple of gratitude and giving; appreciation is the power

If you stay in a relationship long enough, any relationship stuff will come up. It always does. You will notice features that you don’t like in the other person. This is where commitments come in. You see, when the inevitable happens, you will want to leave. Your leaving patterns will be activated. You will go through the machine-like process that will end in the result of you leaving and you will feel justified in doing so.

I invite you to be bigger than that and experience “no matter what.”

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